Our School

Freiston Hall School offers all students a positive education experience that will help develop their confidence, knowledge and skills to ensure they become happy, healthy and successful participants in the school and local community.

Our school offers:
  • A safe, healthy and creative environment in which to develop trusting relationships based on respect
  • Opportunities to experience successful learning both in and out of the classroom setting
  • Effective teaching that enables students to make good progress through a variety of learning experiences.
  • Opportunities to equip students with skills for life beyond the school

Our Curriculum

The curriculum in its fullest sense comprises all the learning opportunities offered by the school, the residential provision and local community amenities. It incorporates the formal programme of learning that is timetabled, augmented by extra- curricular activities that are developed within a climate of positive relationships, all designed to provide students with skills for successfully managing their everyday life beyond the school and to maximize their life opportunities.

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Teaching Staff

All teaching staff have significant experience in working with vulnerable and complex needs pupils and will differentiate their delivery to take account of particular challenges facing each student. Subjects will be delivered by skilled practitioners who offer positive feedback and interaction that enables students to make good progress, as they become creative, effective and confident learners.  The school will employ a range of strategies to facilitate student engagement in activities designed to help them learn and progress.


Outdoor Education will be delivered by our own specialist staff in the grounds of the home and at appropriate local settings, where our main objectives are to promote self-management, independence skills, team building and to observe the child’s natural learning styles and ability. By increasing self-esteem and providing new stimulus and environments we aim to increase the child’s ability to learn.

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The education and protection of our students is of utmost importance here at Freiston Hall. You can download and read our policies concerning Safeguarding & Child Protection (here), as well as our policy and procedures regarding Complaints (here).

Dr. Clem Earle is a qualified teacher and our Head of Education at Freiston Hall care services
Dr. Clem Earle is a qualified teacher and our Head of Education at Freiston Hall care services

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